Category: Data Security

New Features in DataForesight

DataForesight solution has gone through major changes looking at the current data security requirements. The feature involves the launching of Standard and Enterprise editions. Some changes are mentioned below for preview only 1. New...

Scan Email through DataForesight

It is possible to scan the emails for sensitive data hidden or transmitted in email to prevent the data breach. Emails are one of the major source of possible data breaches. The software supports...

Hostname Addition in DataForesight

Hostname Addition in DataForesight

It is possible to add hostname in Dataforesight tool for scanning instead of IP’s this helps to identify unique hostnames where IP changes dynamically.

Generate Report

Report generation is a major part of the exercise. The tool supports datatable based reports to fetch the details. Once can hide the columns and then download the desired reports in excel, csv.


MySQL DB Scanning

DataForesight has the feature for scanning the database and the solution can scan SQL Server , Oracle , MySQL , PostGresql and MariaDB. In order to scan the mysql follow the below guidelines. use...

SMB Issue

SMB Credits 0 issue

It has been observed that many times DataForesight tool is not able to connect to the system using SMB option and the log file mentions SMB credit 0. This can happen due to below...

Qualys Exclusions for DataForesight

Qualys Exclusion for DataForesight

Exclude DataForesight files / urls from qualys automated scans Qualys is a leading vulnerability management solution across the globe and many organisations uses qualys for automated server and web application scanning. However while running...

DataForesight Advance Features

Dataforesight with Advance Features

Introduction of nginx webserver for faster scanning of data. Dataforesight has introduced new way of data scanning which is 40-50% faster for the organisations to find the data. Dataforesight now uses nginx web server...

PanDiscover Trial License

Run Trial License

We have released the trial license for 2 IPS for 3 days scanning so that one can see how the tool works and what are the requirements. Run Trial License Below are screenshots that...

SMB Scanning

Enable SMB Scanning for Windows

Organizations have windows machines and by default they do not want the option of enabling openssh for windows mode for apps and features. SMB Scanning for Windows. For windows scanning, one can follow below...