Exception Management

Exception Management Solution for All – The simplest and the easiest way

Running the organizations means lots of exceptions being maintained to manage compliances, however the exceptions can lead to security breaches if not managed and closed effectively. Exception Management.

For organizations running across geographies, it is one of the most critical task to record, track and manage the exceptions so that no unwanted data is flowing out that can pose challenges.

Compliance Foresight ensures all Exceptions are tracked and managed well all across the infrastructures and process ensuring the compliance’s are met at all level.

Exceptions Management

Easy, effortless, real time tracks and maker checker workflows with evidence mappings.Compliance Foresight makes it easy for organizations to manage their exceptions.

Key Features of Exception Management

  • Centralized Dashbaord
  • Workflows
  • PDF Downloads
  • User Based Exceptions
  • Compliance Level Exceptions
  • Track Compliance Levels


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