Run Trial License

We have released the trial license for 2 IPS for 3 days scanning so that one can see how the tool works and what are the requirements. Run Trial License

Below are screenshots that can help everyone understand how to run the software.

You will receive a download link from us for running the software.

Download Link software

Once the link is downloaded to your downloads / folders location, extract the software.

Upon extracting the software, you will see 3 files for your reference. Select the bash.bat file by clicking as “Run As Administrator”

Clicking on the batch file will start the server with localhost at port 8000 as

Go on the chrome / edge browser and hit

You will see the login screen. Use the Userid – whitehats , pass – whitehats and enter the scanner page.

You can see the company details page where the license is displayed and expiry date.

You have menus at the left hand side for your reference.

for any challenges you can write to

Run Trial License for 2 IPS

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