Enable SMB Scanning for Windows

Organizations have windows machines and by default they do not want the option of enabling openssh for windows mode for apps and features. SMB Scanning for Windows.

For windows scanning, one can follow below steps for enabling SMB for scanning.

  • Username and password should have admin equivalent rights
  • Port- 139,445 for SMB to be allowed on firewall

Admin users can issue following commands to check for details.

  • net use \\<IP>\admin$ /user:<username> <password>
  • net use \\<IP>\ipc$ /user:<username>

example – net use \\\admin$ /user:Whitehats 1234

Above should give output as “The command completed successfully“

  • reg query \\\hklm

The above command should give registery parameters

Add AutoShareServer and AutoShareWks

  • Add AutoShareServer and AutoShareWks DWORD values in the LanmanServer\Parameters  subkey are configured with a value data of 0, change that value to 1

For more details follow the microsoft blog at the link

https://docs.microsoft.com/en-US/troubleshoot/windows-server/networking/problems-administrative-shares-missing and see the Resolution part in above link to add Auto Share Server and Auto ShareWks

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