Third Party Risk Management

3rd Party Risk Management Solution for All – The simplest and the easiest way

Organizations today have multiple vendors to perform different tasks and keeping a track of compliance for all vendors are the most critical for any organization. In today’s digital world of free flow of data, it is critical to perform security assessment of the vendors at regular intervals. Third Party Risk Management.

Pre built questionnaires with options to upload self questions and track every parameters with workflow is the key to any security risk management. Send Questions to your vendors in one click and schedule their assessments to keep a check on compliance level.

Secure vendors ensures the organization also remains secure in dealing with real world operations. Connect Compliance Foresight Solution to manage your vendors with ease.

3rd Party Risk Management

  • Easy, effortless, real time tracks and maker checker workflows with evidence mappings.Compliance Foresight makes it easy for organizations to manage their vendor assessments.

Key Features of the 3rd Party Risk Management

  • Some of the key features are mentioned
    • Real Time Dashboards
    • Workflows
    • PDF Downloads
    • One Click Vendor Assessment
    • Schedule/ On Demand Assessments
    • Trend Analysis
    • Track Compliance Levels


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